Micro Credit Program-

Micro Credit Program-
The villager’s poor people do not have savings nor they have any grantee and they are unable to repay their loans. Being influenced by this concept, within the current banking system when the banks are unwilling to provide loan to them. Then to help these unbootable poor people around the system of feel that until now among the various means that were used to alleviate poverty, micro-credit is the best way to come out of poverty. The role of micro-credit is indispensable in poverty alleviation by creating mass employment opportunity at the grass root level. Undoubtedly we can say that micro-credit is the best tool for poverty alleviation and for this reason micro-credit has left its boundary and is being successfully implemented in other part of the world. To improve the destitute and helpless population economically, JAMUNA form its inception with its own initiative introduced the micro-credit program keeping in minds the following objectives;
• Organizing the rural and urban poor population and increasing their awareness and skills create employment and income
• Arranged loans on easy terms and conditions and without collateral
• Empower women in the family and community through their socio-economic development
• Save all the group members form the cruel moneylenders;
• Creating capital through savings.
• To increase incomes provide micro-credit
• To create opportunities for additional income for the family.

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