About Us
Creating a prosperous and prosperous family free of hunger and poverty through employment of disadvantaged people.

Establish social development and economic equality by providing Technical training, health care, mass awareness of women oppression and prevention of Child Marriage employment of women and men among the disadvantaged people of the society.

1.To create opportunities for self-employment through various trainings by forming teams with landless and destitute people. 2. To take steps to protect the rights of women and children. 3. Eliminate illiteracy through education programs. 4. Undertake social forestry and environmental protection activities. 5. To create social movement against dowry and to motivate activities against dowry including oil. 6. Assist in setting up of fish farming, cattle, goat rearing, poultry farms, vegetable gardens and nurseries. 7. Undertake health and sanitation activities. 8. Undertake quality improvement activities for the disabled. 9. Undertake agricultural development activities. 10. Adoption and implementation of activities compatible with social change.