Executive Committee of JAMUNA

Executive Committee of JAMUNA

The Executive Committee performs all responsibilities on behalf of the General Committee. Therefore, the Executive Committee is accountable to the General Committee. The Executive Committee consists of 9 members and is the supreme authority of the organization. The General Committee elects members of this Executive Committee for a period of two years. The Executive Director serves as the Members Secretary of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee appoints Executive Director who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the activities of JAMUNA. On behalf of the organization, this Committee formulated different policies, approves projects, and as required assists the Executive Director in decision making.

Members of Executive Committee:-


                         Chittaranjan Paul                            Vice-President

Dilip Paul  


Nirmol Paul   Join -Secretary

Md.Abid Khan  

Organizing Secretary

   Shyamal Kumar Dey    



Publicity and Office Secretary 

Md.Liton Miah

Honorary Member 

Rehana Begum   Honorary Member 

MRS: Layla Khanam