General Committee Of JAMUNA

General Committee: 

JAMUNA has a General Committee comprising of 30 members of different backgrounds like Teacher, Businessman, social Worker,  who serve for the overall development of the organization in JAMUNA as a volunteer. As per the constitution, General Committee Assembly are held regularly regarding the development, the progress of the organization and approves yearly activities plan and budget for the next year after an analytical discussion on the annual report and income and expenditure of the previous year. The general body elects an Executive Committee through a direct voting system as per the approved constitution.

Sl No   Name of GB Member                          Designation

01.         Chittaranjan Paul                                 President

02.         Dilip Kumar Paul                             Vice-Presiden

03.         Nirmol Paul                                    General-Secretary

04.         Md.Abid Khan                                  Join -Secretary

05.         Shyamal Kumar Dey                      Organizing Secretary

06.         Amit Kumer Bakali                                 Treasurer

07 .        Md.Liton  Miah                        Publicity and office secretary

08.        Rehana Begum                                   Honorary member

09.        MRS: Layla Khanam.                        Honorary member

10.        Nitai Paul                                             Honorary member

11.        Tulshi                                                    Honorary member

12.       Niranjan Paul                                       Honorary member

13.       MD.Abdul Karim                                 Honorary member

14.       MD.Asadujjaman                                Honorary member

15.       Mukul Chandra Paul                          Honorary member

16.       MD.Humayun Kabir                          Honorary member

17.       Lakhan Rajboushi                              Honorary member

18.       Anath Paul                                           Honorary member

19.      Parimal Kumer Paul                           Honorary member

20.      Dulali Rani Paul                                 Honorary member

21.      Chandana Paul                                    Honorary member

22.      Priyanka Paul                                     Honorary member

23.      Nalita Rani Paul                                 Honorary member

24.      Silpi Rani Paul                                   Honorary member

25.      Kamona Paul                                      Honorary member

26.      Pannah Rani Das                              Honorary member

27.      Rahima                                               Honorary member

28.      Priasha Paul                                      Honorary member

29.      Md.Ali Raj                                         Honorary member

30.      MD.Kayser Ahmed                          Honorary member