Background of JAMUNA

Jamuna Bohumukhi Samajkallyan Sangtha is a non-government, non-profitable and non-political voluntary development organization established on 1st January2007 with a view to assist the improvement of the Jamuna Sangtha status of the rural disadvantaged, unskilled and economically backward people. Jamuna Bohumukhi Samajkllyan Sangtha In the year directly started its intervention at the field level, after having the legal status from the govt. of Bangladesh by providing various support and services to the destitute people of Bangladesh. The majority of the populations live at or below subsistence level where illiteracy, food shortage, poor health, malnutrition and short life expectancy are quite common. The major focus of JAMUNA on the area mentions above in order to address by these numerous Non-Govt. The major programming priority of the organization is women empowerment, community development, agriculture, education & training, health & nutrition, food security, human rights and microcredit program. Now, Jamuna is working under 1 Branch office & implementing Microcredit and various development programs among 28 Semite formed by 1216 Members of 16 villages under 4 union of 2 Upazila and 1 District.